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Gary Burk D.C.
Certified Nutritional Clinic Builder

Health and Wellness Practice

Why did you become a Chiropractor?

Imagine yourself actually saving lives with your abilities as a chiropractor.  Imagine that you are not fighting with other doctors , and D.C.’s for the PI accidents in town.   Imagine you are not billing insurance waiting for non payments and capitations.   Imagine being the doctor you went to school for.    Are we talking fantasy?  Chiropractic Disneyland ?  Not even. 

Do you receive regular phone calls from patients thanking you for saving their life and that you have made their lives worth so much more?  What more satisfaction can you have by adding life to years and years to lives to your patients? 

Before my health and wellness practice the only calls I would get are from patients unhappy about the money they were getting from the car accident they were in.  And their attorney trying to cut my bills.   The patient would say something like…. “Oh I cant believe what the settlement is, it is so low.  My attorney said for me to call you.  Could you help me by cutting the bill?  My husband’s job is cutting back his hours and I need things for my children.  My attorney is cutting his bill, he understands the situation.”

You know the story.  You have waited months for money, maybe a year and now getting paid is demeaning.

I Love what I do!

Now I have the patients happily and enthusiastically paying for services six months to a year in advance.  I don’t have to sell myself with every visit.  I have demonstrated a need for care and off we go.  Let me show you how you can start a Health and Wellness Practice.  Start getting the satisfaction of actually treating people with real life problems.  

Why a Health and Wellness Practice is Good Business

Here are some interesting numbers,   you have a 5-7% chance of being in a car accident.  Even less chance of having some other injury that would require treatment.  This is the number of which your patient base that are at risk.   Even much less are going to die from a car accident.  

Currently your patient base, and every other person you see on the street is at risk of something even worse and deadlier.   Cardiovascular disease.  National statistics show that over 2.2 million people will die from this disease and its complications, this year.  We as a nation with the most sophisticated emergency care are losing the battle.    In the early 1900’s only 5% of us were at risk now today it is over 50%.  In 1993 a mere 1 million people died,  so it has doubled in ten years.    Another real life problem, diabetes it is growing faster than any other degenerative disease.  Experts say there are over 13 million undiagnosed cases out there.

I Can Help You Get Started

I can show you how to treat effectively cardiovascular problems safely, either complimentary to traditional allopathic care or alternatively.  The same with other degenerative conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, respiratory illnesses. 

Start asking your patients about their medications either prescribed or OTC.  What are you doing to help.   There are millions upon millions of potential patients that are being prescribed High blood pressure meds, heart meds and diabetes medications.

What are you doing today to help patients over come these.   Contact me and lets start saving people from these problems. 

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