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What is C.O.R.F. ?

CORF (Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility) is a Medicare program first established by Congressional mandate in 1981. Its purpose was to provide a facility offering a variety of therapy based diagnostic and restorative services in an outpatient setting under one roof. While second only to a traditional hospital in the ability to offer a multitude of services under a single Medicare provider number, the CORF program has increasingly become a viable option for clinic expansion. Recent estimates place the number of existent CORF facilities at under 600. Current trends in therapy based treatment regimes and more intense focus on less expensive, alternative treatment offerings work to foster increased interest in this program. Cost savings resultant of outpatient treatment based services helps to reduce the pressure on federally funded health care programs such as Medicare.

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What services and therapies may be offered?

Can the facility solicit and treat non-Medicare patients?

Who actually operates the CORF?

How long does it take to get one set up?

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