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Practice Evaluations

Sam Reader has been evaluating clinics in the medical industry since 1990

He has done evaluations for:

  • Practice Sales
  • Associate and/or Partnership Acquisitions
  • Estate Settlements
  • Divorces
  • Tax Liens

The practice evaluation will determine the fair market worth of your clinic by utilizing two standard principles in practice evaluating.  Namely; net income to the debt service ratio and national listing/selling multiplier. Together, these two principles work objectively to counterbalance and create a fair market value.

Once all the necessary information is acquired our evaluations are completed in a timely manner (approximately two to five days).

The practice evaluation is not an automatic commitment to sell your practice.  It is an evaluation only.  If and when you choose to sell your practice, a separate commission agreement will be signed between seller and broker. 

In the event you choose to list your practice with S. G. Reader & Associates, Inc. and your clinic is sold through our own databank of buyers and/or leads, the $998.00 evaluation fee will be rebated in full back to you at the close of sale!  We do not take a commission on personal leads.

The evaluation also includes any phone time spent with perspective buyers, funders, brokers and other interested parties in need of additional evaluation information and/or clarity of principles utilized in the evaluation.

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This fee is paid up front. Please click here to submit your practice profile.