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Chiropractic Practices for Sale in

In order to view more than the initial listing you will need a username and password. Please download, print, sign, and return our Confidentiality Agreement.  Once we have received your signed copy of this agreement, we will send you an email with the confidential login and password.  

Once you receive a username/password, email us the name of the seller and state of location of any practice of interest to receive a 4 digit code to view the 12 page protected profile.

EUREKA, MO, PRACTICE FOR SALE: 14-year practice collecting $293,737.00. 321 new patients – 5,520 total visits. Well equipped and staffed. Eureka was recently voted “the best small town in America.” Growing community with 500 home sites located within one mile from office. Perfect “turn-key” practice opportunity. Plenty of room to continue to grow practice. Financing O.A.C.
GLADSTONE, MO, PRACTICE FOR SALE: 44-year well established practice collecting $145,357.00. 3,901 total visits – 148 new patients. Ideal location with 127k cars driving past practice per day. High visibility – easy access. Current DC retiring – next DC can easily double numbers with little effort! Plenty of room to grow. Total “turn-key” opportunity as primary or satellite practice. Financing available O.A.C.

SEDALIA, MO, PRACTICE FOR SALE: 19 year cash practice collecting $303,951.00. 7,010 total visits. Practice located just 65 miles southeast of Kansas City. Exceptionally equipped and staffed. Open four days weekly – closed Fridays for extended weekends. Ideal
opportunity as a primary or satellite location. Plenty of room for growth. Financing available O.A.C.
KANSAS CITY, MO, PRACTICE FOR SALE:   12-year (strong cash) integrative medicine practice collecting $363,603.00.  241 new patients – 3,364 total visits.  Services include:  acupuncture, massage, chiropractic care, and nutritional counseling.  All management systems in place.  Well equipped and staffed.  Great location.  Ideal “turn-key” for next doctor to step in and grow with little effort. Motivated Seller!! Financing available O.A.C. 

UNIVERSITY CITY, MO, PRACTICE FOR SALE:  31-year old practice collecting $339,209.00.  Low-low overhead.  Perfect location.  Easy access – high visibility.  Well equipped and staffed.  All management systems in place.  D.C. retiring. Ideal “turn-key” for next D.C. to step in and continue growth! Health issues - must sell - will sacrifice for $100k! Financing available O.A.C. 


PALMYRA (TRI-STATE) MO. PRACTICE FOR SALE:   Well established practice collecting $277,628.00.  Closed Friday for extended weekends.  Exceptionally equipped & staffed.  Ideal location – pulling patients from three states.  Beautiful community – outdoorsman’s paradise.  Great schools, including award winning athletic programs.  Current DC moving. Just Reduced!! Ideal turn-key for next DC to step in and enjoy personal & professional success!   

FLORISSANT, MO. PRACTICE FOR SALE:   25-year functional and conventional medicine practice collecting $630,089.00.  3,375 total visits.  All management systems in place.  Exceptionally equipped and staffed.  Solid-stable numbers.  Great location with over 4,500 active patients and growing with new patients daily.  Pix available. Steep Reduction!! 100% financing O.A.C. 

ST. LOUIS, MO, PRACTICE FOR SALE:  Well established, all cash, practice collecting $1,772,191.00.  Dr take home pay before taxes $1,070,947.00.  Open 4-1/2 days weekly.  Closed half day Friday for extended weekends.  Any doc with zero knowledge of weight loss/wellness/functional medicine can take over and get the same or better collections.  All systems in place.  Total turn-key – “easy made” practice opportunity.  Current DC must move. Price Reduced!!100% financing O.A.C. 

ST. LOUIS, MO, PRACTICE FOR SALE:  Established chiropractic and acupuncture family cash practice collecting $49,794.00.  Low-low overhead.  Great location – great visibility.  Easy access.  Ideal (low cost entry level) into “turn-key” practice.  Plenty of room for growth.  Next DC/L.Ac. can double/triple numbers with little effort!  Current DC retiring.  Pix available. 

KANSAS CITY (SUBURB), MO, PRACTICE FOR SALE:  Well established family practice collecting $115,856.00.  Dr take home pay before taxes $63,000.00.  Charming community – rich with history.  Strong family - working (chiro-friendly) environment.  Exceptionally equipped and staffed.  High visibility – easy access.  Strong patient base and name recognition. Reduced Price! Pix on web! Just reduced!
SOUTHEAST MISSOURI PRACTICE FOR SALE:  Established family practice collecting $56,310.00.  Dr take home pay before taxes $28,532.00.  Ideal blue collar chiro-friendly community located 80 miles south of St. Louis.  Factories – various industry – mining and some commuters make up this peaceful “heartland” community.  50-60k potential patient draw.  DC retiring – new DC can easily double-triple numbers with little effort.  Perfect (inexpensive) “turn-key” into a low overhead – low stress practice with all upside!! 



O’FALLON, MO, PRACTICE FOR SALE:   9-year family practice projected to collect $400,962.00 in 2013. 

KANSAS CITY, MO, PRACTICE FOR SALE: Well established family practice collecting $246,798.00.

4 year family practice collecting $210,338.00. 

NORTHEAST MO PRACTICE FOR SALE: 16 year practice collecting $214,459.00. ***SOLD***