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It is not uncommon for doctors to call and tell me how frustrated they are in trying to strike up a working (referral) relationship with personal injury attorneys.  The typical protocol from the doctor is a letter of introduction, a few business cards and hopefully a follow-up lunch.

I am amazed how many doctors feel that a great working relationship is consummated over one letter and/or one lunch.  Therein lies the doctor’s frustration, an unreal expectation in developing a working relationship. 



Historically speaking it appears that women make up the majority of chiropractic patient visits within the clinic.

If its true that the female patient is our greatest ally for encouraging and motivating other patients to come to the clinic, how do we effectually reach out to this “valued patient” under such time restraints?


Community Philanthropist

A Win Win in helping community and clinic.

The program would work like this.  The chiropractic clinic provides an opportunity for local high schools and the independent athletic clubs (pop warner, soccer, baseball, etc.)  to raise necessary money for their organization.  A certificate is made for exam, x-ray, consultation and (possibly) one treatment retailing close to $200.00.  The high school and/or clubs sell these certificates for $15-$20 a piece.  The chiropractic clinic allows these organizations to keep all proceeds.  The money they raise may be used for uniforms, travel and banquets or to help supplement some kids whose parents can’t afford registration.  Everyone wins.  You guessed it:  The Chiropractor – Community Philanthropist

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