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Oriental Medicine
 Practices for Sale

In order to view more than the initial listing you will need a username and password. Please download, print, sign, and return our Confidentiality Agreement.  Once we have received your signed copy of this agreement, we will send you an email with the confidential login and password.
Once you receive a username/password, email us the name of the seller and state of location of any practice of interest to receive a 4 digit code to view the 12 page protected profile.

NORTH CENTRAL (BLUE RIDGE MTN.) NC PRACTICE FOR SALE:   14-year acupuncture and functional medicine/wellness practice collecting $581,948.00.  3,637 total visits.  Open M/T/W only.  Closed TH/F for extended weekends of recreation/relaxation.  All management systems in place.  Ideal “turn-key” for DC/ND/DO/MD/LA.c.  Plenty of room for growth.  Ideal location.  Beautiful facility.  Desirable community.  “Live and practice in Paradise”!! Reduced!! Financing available O.A.C.   MILWAUKEE (SUBURB), WI, PRACTICE FOR SALE:  15-year successful weight loss and acupuncture/wellness practice collecting $1,068,282.00.  Great location.  All management systems in place.  Open 4 days – closed Friday for extended weekends.  Owner retiring.  Perfect “turn-key” practice opportunity.  Plenty of room to continue growth!!  Pics available.  Financing O.A.C.



PHOENIX, AZ, PRACTICE FOR SALE:   26-year naturopathic medical practice collecting $330,386.00.  Open 3-1/2 days weekly.  Two exclusive specialty niches with referral sources, as well as web presence and patient referrals, provide steady stream of new patients from the greater Metro Phoenix area.  Exceptionally equipped and staffed.  All management systems in place.  NMD retiring.  Ideal “turn-key” for next NMD to step in and grow practice with little effort!  Pix available.  Financing available O.A.C.

PROVIDENCE, RI, PRACTICE FOR SALE:  26-year integrative medicine and healing practice collecting $2,501,294.00. 734 new patients.  14,601 total visits.  Open 3 full/2 half days weekly.  Exceptionally equipped and staffed.  All management systems in place.  Ideal location.  Perfect “turn-key” practice opportunity. Motivated-Will Sacrifice for $500k!!  Pix available.  Financing available O.A.C.
NORTHERN (HUNTERDON CO) NJ PRACTICE FOR SALE:   10-year successful acupuncture practice.  Collecting $514,511.00.  L.Ac. take home pay before taxes $399,750.00.  216 new clients / 3,716 total visits.  Low overhead.  Enjoyable – stress free practice.  Practice located in beautiful neighborhood within one of the wealthiest counties in the country.  L.Ac. retiring!  Perfect “turn-key” for next L.Ac. to step in and continue growth.  Pix available.  Financing available O.A.C.    
  PRESCOTT, AZ, PRACTICE FOR SALE: Well established acupuncture and oriental medicine practice collecting $116,450.00. Open 3-1/2 days weekly. Practice located in "upscale" community. Cash practice. 45.50 visits per week. Voted best acupuncture last four years!! Pix available. Great weather year around. Prescott rated among "10 best" cities for upscale retirees.
ROSWELL, NM, PRACTICE FOR SALE:   20-year acupuncture and Doctor of Oriental Medicine practice collecting $299,552.00.  Owner take home pay before taxes $183,396.00.  Great location.  Beautiful facility.  Solid-stable numbers.  Current owner retiring.  Absolute perfect “turn-key” for next health care provider to step in and continue to grow the legacy.  Pix available. Just Reduced!  Financing available O.A.C. 
THOUSAND OAKS, CA, PRACTICE FOR SALE:   Well established generational wellness center collecting $269,396.00.  Services include acupuncture, functional medicine, orthopedic medicine and herbal medicine.  Owner works 4 days per week with a minimum of 4 weeks’ vacation per year.  Ideal cash practice opportunity for L.Ac./DC/ DO/NA/MD.  Great as primary or satellite location. Just Reduced!! Pix available.  100% financing O.A.C. 

SAINT SIMONS ISLAND, GA, PRACTICE FOR SALE:   Established acupuncture and oriental medicine practice collecting $173,085.00.  272 new patients/3,410 total visits.  3-1/2 day workweek.  Due to the mild climate and idyllic setting, Saint Simons was rated one of the top beaches to visit in 2015.  Being on the Golden Isles is like stepping back in time.  Add 10 quality years to your life – “live and practice in Paradise!!”  Pix available.  Financing O.A.C.

FARMINGTON, NM, PRACTICE FOR SALE:   14-year acupuncture practice collecting $90,033.00.  Owner take home pay before taxes $42,152.00.  96 new patients/ 891 total visits.  Low overhead.  High visibility/high traffic/easy access.  Plenty of room for growth.  Current L.Ac. retiring – next L.Ac. can double revenues with little effort.  Growing community – robust economy from gas/oil industry.  World class fishing-hiking-biking-hunting, and more.  Next to Durango for world-class skiing and other extreme outdoor activities.  Perfect “turn-key” practice opportunity. 



SOUTHWEST CHICAGO (SUBURB) IL PRACTICE FOR SALE:   10-year acupuncture & oriental medicine practice collecting $226,637.00.  Dr take home pay before taxes $108,302.00.  212 new patients / 4,015 total visits.  Well equipped / exceptionally staffed.  High visibility/high traffic/easy access.  Thriving community.  Small town feel with easy access to all the excitement & culture of Chicago.  Located on the Fox River – ideal canoeing, kayaking, fishing and more.  This a perfect “turn-key” in an ideal community.  Pix on web.  100% financing O.A.C.  Just reduced!


  BOISE,ID, PRACTICE FOR SALE: 6-year NMD wellness practice collecting $304,500.00

10 year - well established family acupuncture and doctor of oriental medicine practice collecting $214,587.00. 

NW PORTLAND, OR, PRACTICE FOR SALE:   25+ year successful naturopathic and acupuncture clinic with medicinary, grossing $209,000.00 per year ($108,000.00 net before taxes).



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