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For Sale By Owner


SAN DIEGO, CA, PRACTICE FOR SALE: Well established successful practice collecting $368,163.00. 261 new patients. 8,077 total visits. Low overhead – low stress – enjoyable practice of chiropractic yesteryears! All management systems in place including Digital X-Ray and Fully Integrated EHR. Exceptionally equipped & staffed. Ideal location. Beautiful – active health conscious community with expendable income. DC moving closer to family. Plenty of room to continue growth. Financing O.A.C. Call owner direct @ (415) 748-4888 (Dr. Reuben).
Will sacrifice for $250k.
SACRAMENTO, CA, PRACTICE FOR SALE: 35-year practice collecting $120,866.00. 76 new patients, 2,269 total visits. Well equipped and staffed. Open
2-1/2 days weekly. Diversified/Activator techniques. “Real nice facility!” Great location. Health issues – will sacrifice!! Call or text me – (owner) direct @
(916) 812-0067. Thx! Dr. Rod.
SANTA ROSA, CA, PRACTICE FOR SALE: 21 year all cash practice collecting
$321,610.00. Low overhead. 240 new patients. 7,770 total visits. Well equipped and staffed. Open 3 days weekly. Closed Friday for extended weekends of recreation/relaxation. Beautiful – desirable family community. Plenty of outdoor activities. Ideal as primary or satellite practice location. Plenty of room for continued growth!
100K OBO. Financing O.A.C. Please call me direct – Dr.
Tim (owner). 707 217-6403.

MARTINEZ (EAST SF BAY AREA), PRACTICE FOR SALE: 40-year successful practice collecting $313,323.00. 501 new patients, 6,524 total visits. Well equipped and staffed, open 4 days weekly, no competition – only DC in town. Beautiful – charming
community. Great school district. “Small town feel” in the Bay area. This is a total “turn- key” practice opportunity. DC selling to move closer to family (out of state). Financing available O.A.C. Please contact owner - Dr. Jaromy or Tori @ 925 812-1234.
Will sacrifice for $165k - Moving closer to family!
PETALUMA, CA, PRACTICE FOR SALE: 13-year practice collecting $529,307.00. 11,375 total visits. Exceptionally equipped & staffed. Beautiful facility. Perfect location. All management systems in place. Closed half days Friday for extended weekends. Current DC moving closer to family. This is an ideal opportunity for next DC as Primary or Satellite Practice. Price Reduced! Financing O.A.C. Call or text Dr. Julie (owner) @ (707) 774-5232.
SAN DIEGO (RANCHO BERNARDO) CA PRACTICE FOR SALE: 15-year low overhead practice collecting $285,701.00. Desirable inland location not far from mountains, desert, and ocean. NUCCA practice comes with 3 high quality zero gravity chairs, two tables, and double L-Frame X-Ray setup. Seller is moving out of state and motivated to sell. Practice is valued at$222,000.00-plus, but willing to part with for $130,000.00. $130,000.00. Negotiable! Please call or text seller (Dr. James) directly at (858) 472-1407. Financing available O.A.C.
LA MIRADA, CA, PRACTICE FOR SALE: 37-year successful practice collecting $207,740.00. Exceptionally equipped & staffed. Ideal location – next to Home Depot and major highway for easy access. Solid/stable community. Year around beautiful weather. Short drive to world class beaches. DC retiring. Perfect “turn-key” for next DC to step in and double numbers with little effort!! All management systems in place. Practice valued @ $138,878.00. Family health issues – must sacrifice for $75k!  Financing available O.A.C. Call Dr. Barry (owner) @ (714) 856-9879.
GRAND TERRACE (INLAND EMPIRE) CA PRACTICE FOR SALE: 36-year successful (low stress – enjoyable) practice collecting $201,000.00. 372 new patients. 4,423 total visits. Low-low overhead. DC only works 23 hours weekly. No
advertising – only DC in town. Ideal location on main thoroughfare. Easy access from surrounding communities. All management systems in place. DC retiring. Ideal turn- key for next DC to step in and grow!! Financing O.A.C. Call Dr. Kelly (owner) @ (909) 289-8514.

MARIN CO. (NORTH BAY) CA PRACTICE FOR SALE:  Established practice collecting $78,823.00.  Exceptionally equipped.  Low – low overhead.  Ideal location.  All management systems in place.  Ideal seamless “turn-key.”  Entry level practice opportunity!  Next DC can easily step in and grow numbers with little effort.  Perfect as primary or satellite location. Call (Owner) Dr. Kent (415) 847-3402.
SAN JOSE, CA, PRACTICE FOR SALE: 33-year successful practice collecting $303,379.00. 4,360 total visits. Well equipped and staffed. Great location in West San Jose. Strong – stable – consistent patient base. Mostly cash. No managed care. No marketing. Current DC retiring. Ideal “turn-key” for next DC to step in and continue to grow!! Financing available O.A.C. Call owner (Dr. Larry or Sharon) direct @ (408) 230-0536 or (408) 230-0535.
FONTANA, CA, PRACTICE FOR SALE: 30-year successful practice collecting $584,000.00. Exceptionally equipped and staffed. Updated beautiful facility. High visibility. Easy access. Plenty of parking. Open 4-1/2 days weekly. All management
systems in place – total “turn-key.” Current DC retiring. Perfect for next DC to step in and continue to grow! Financing available O.A.C. Open to Sweat Equity Earnout! Call owner (Dr. Robert) direct @ (951) 201-9510. Email:
TEHACHAPI, CA, PRACTICE FOR SALE: Well established practice collecting (on average) $137,600.00. 3,255 total visits. Low overhead. Ideal location. This is a charming – friendly – low crime – caring family beautiful mountain community serving 70k people (including surrounding areas). Great schools – affordable housing – four seasons. Total “turn-key” opportunity. Must Sell! Evaluated @ $103k – will sacrifice for $76,500.00!! Please call me direct: Mrs. Rhonda Brady (owner) (562) 900-1696.
REDWOOD CITY (S.F. BAY AREA) PRACTICE FOR SALE: 13-year acupuncture office collecting $113,462.00. Ideal location. Plenty of room for continued growth. This beautiful community thrives on alternative approach to health & wellness and has the expendable income to maintain such a quality of life. Excellent insurance coverage for employees of some of the world’s largest companies in Silicon Valley. Please call me direct – Moon J. (owner)
(650) 208-5560.

SOUTHERN (NEAR PALM SPRINGS) CA PRACTICE FOR SALE:  30-year successful practice collecting $332,111.00.  Well equipped and exceptionally staffed.  287 new patients.  6,431 total visits.  Growing (explosive) desirable community.  Beautiful facility.  Plenty of room to grow.  Ideal location – easy access from anywhere in the desert.  Practice has served patients for 30 years with multi-generational retention.  Current D.C. retiring.  Perfect “turn-key” opportunity into enjoyable – low stress – profitable practice.  Just Reduced!! 100% financing O.A.C. Call me - Dr. Nelson (Owner)  760-401-0341. STOCKTON, CA ASSOCIATE WANTED:  35-year successful practice looking for associate DC. Base pay plus commission against performance plus sweat (ledger) equity towards ownership. Training available from successful employer. Paperless practice – all management systems in place – total “turn-key.” Full time – 32 hours weekly. Bilingual nice – not mandated. Please call Dr. Brian (employer) @ (209) 474-2252 or Sam @ (480) 575-7228.
SANTA CLARA COUNTY, CA, PRACTICE FOR SALE:   20-year practice collecting $301,251.00.  292 new patients.  2,800 total visits.  Low overhead – totally automated office.  Good mix of cash and insurance.  Ideal location in the middle of Silicon Valley – drawing patients from all around, including tech companies nearby.  Open 4 days weekly.  Plenty of room for growth.  Perfect “turn-key.” Just Reduced!! Financing available O.A.C.  Call Dr. Dave 510-299-5819. ALAMOSA, CO, PRACTICE FOR SALE: 43 year generational practice collecting $181,210.00. Well equipped and staffed. Alamosa is the center of the Valley’s economy. Walmart is a drawing card to bring everyone in the San Luis Valley to Alamosa, along with the theater, downtown, and college activities. Outdoorsman’s paradise. Plenty of hunting, fishing, hiking, and biking. DC retiring. Perfect for next DC to step in and grow numbers and enjoy life in such a pristine region. Financing available O.A.C.
  PLACER COUNTY, CA, PRACTICE FOR SALE:  30-year chiropractic and nutritional wellness practice collecting $972,150.00.  Low overhead – low stress – enjoyable practice.  Exceptionally equipped & staffed.Great location.  Easy access.  Only one hour from Lake Tahoe – two hours to the coast. Dream practice – Dream community.  Financing available O.A.C.  Call Dr. Van (DC-Owner) direct @ 916-899-4092

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, PRACTICE FOR SALE:  25-year practice collecting $367,796.00.  315 new patients.  3,235 total visits.  Ideal location – just 2 minute walk to the nearest bart station and muni.  Located in the highest density of offices and work force in the city.  Most have health insurance or expendable income as cash patient’s!

DC retiring.  Perfect “turn-key” for next DC to jump in and continue growth!  Financing available O.A.C. Call Dr. Victoria @ 925-336-6063.

BRENTWOOD/WEST L.A., CA, PRACTICE FOR SALE:   19-year upscale, strong cash practice collecting $326,475.00.  3,256 total visits.  Open 4-1/2 days weekly.  Exceptionally equipped and staffed.  Solid-stable numbers.  Low overhead – enjoyable practice.  Gorgeous facility.  Health conscious community with expendable income.  Management systems in place.  D.C. retiring – ideal “turn-key” for next D.C. to step in and grow numbers. Just Reduced!!Family Emergency! Financing available O.A.C. Call Dr. John @ 310-409-7888.  

BURBANK, CA, PRACTICE FOR SALE:    15-year practice  collecting $247k.  146 new patients – 3,194 total visits.  Open 3-1/2 days weekly.  Low overhead.  Great location – easy access – high visibility.  Great mix of cash/insurance/P.I.  DC must move.  Ideal “turn-key” practice opportunity!!  Financing O.A.C.  Call Dr. Michael (Owner) direct @ 818-307-0064

Well established practice projected to collect $156,000.00.

by Owner

7 year practice collecting $324,059.00.

by Owner

5-year Fertility & Prenatal Acupuncture Clinic in San Francisco’s trendy Pacific Heights neighborhood.
by Owner