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Chiropractic Practices for Sale in

In order to view more than the initial listing you will need a username and password. Please download, print, sign, and return our Confidentiality Agreement.  Once we have received your signed copy of this agreement, we will send you an email with the confidential login and password.

Once you receive a username/password, email us the name of the seller and state of location of any practice of interest to receive a 4 digit code to view the 12 page protected profile.


LONG BEACH, CA, PRACTICE FOR SALE:  Well established generational practice collecting $82,599.00.  Low overhead.  Open four days weekly – closed Friday for extended weekends.  The ILWU (dock workers union) insurance is still one of the best coverage packages around, with the VA a couple miles away.  Seller has never aggressively tapped this market.  D.C. retiring.  Perfect “turn-key” for next D.C. to step in and grow with little effort.  Ideal entry level price!! Reduced!

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, CO, PRACTICE FOR SALE: 17-year DC/PT/MD multidisciplinary practice projected to collect $1,905,540.00 for 2018. Exceptionally equipped and staffed. All management systems in place. Beautiful facility- ideal location. Easy access – plenty of parking. Close to the Denver Tech Center. Total (seamless) “turn-key” opportunity for next DC. Beautiful – growing community. Financing available O.A.C. 

  PLACER COUNTY, CA, PRACTICE FOR SALE:  29-year chiropractic and nutritional wellness practice collecting $656,548.00.  255 new patients, 6,209 total visits.  Low overhead – low stress – enjoyable practice.  Exceptionally equipped & staffed.Great location.  Easy access.  Only one hour from Lake Tahoe – two hours to the coast. Dream practice – Dream community.  Financing available O.A.C. 
SACRAMENTO, CA, PRACTICE FOR SALE:  35-year chiropractic (NUCCA/Upper Cervical) practice collecting $166,421.00.  Projected to collect $188k in 2018.  Low overhead – low stress – enjoyable practice.  Beautiful – upscale community.  Ideal location.  Exceptionally equipped & staffed.  All management systems in place.  Current DC only works 18 hours weekly and preparing to retire.  Ideal “turn-key” for next DC to step in and grow practice with little effort.  Financing available O.A.C.  BRENTWOOD/WEST L.A., CA, PRACTICE FOR SALE:   19-year upscale, strong cash practice collecting $326,475.00.  3,256 total visits.  Open 4-1/2 days weekly.  Exceptionally equipped and staffed.  Solid-stable numbers.  Low overhead – enjoyable practice.  Gorgeous facility.  Health conscious community with expendable income.  Management systems in place.  D.C. retiring – ideal “turn-key” for next D.C. to step in and grow numbers. Just Reduced!!Family Emergency! Financing available O.A.C. 
HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA, PRACTICE FOR SALE:  Well established practice collecting $609,601.00.  Multiple streams of revenue, including chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, and more.  Exceptionally staffed, including massage therapists and acupuncturist.  All management systems in place.  This is a highly effective – extremely efficient managed office.  Ideal location.  Destination southern beach community.  Current D.C. must move closer to family.  Ideal “turn-key” for next D.C. to step in and continue growth in this “dream come true” practice.  Financing available O.A.C.  SANTA CLARA COUNTY, CA, PRACTICE FOR SALE:   20-year practice collecting $301,251.00.  292 new patients.  2,800 total visits.  Low overhead – totally automated office.  Good mix of cash and insurance.  Ideal location in the middle of Silicon Valley – drawing patients from all around, including tech companies nearby.  Open 4 days weekly.  Plenty of room for growth.  Perfect “turn-key.” Just Reduced!! Financing available O.A.C. 
SACRAMENTO AREA, CA, PRACTICE FOR SALE:  23-year old mostly cash practice collecting $184,546.00 on a 3-day work week (Tues-Thurs).  Very desirable, family oriented and affluent community 25 miles from downtown Sacramento.  Beautiful upscale office in an excellent location.  This is a great opportunity for the doctor who wants to live and work in an area with outstanding clientele, excellent schools, and great recreation opportunities.  Doctor relocating for family reasons.  Financing available O.A.C. 


PETALUMA, CA, PRACTICE FOR SALE:  37-year practice collecting $250,928.00.  Exceptionally equipped and staffed.  Solid-stable numbers.  All management systems in place.  Great location – high visibility – easy access.  Current DC retiring.  Excellent seamless “turn-key” for next DC to step in and grow numbers with little effort.  Financing O.A.C.  Must Sell! Reduced!  MARIN CO. (NORTH BAY) CA PRACTICE FOR SALE:  Established practice collecting $78,823.00.  Exceptionally equipped.  Low – low overhead.  Ideal location.  All management systems in place.  Ideal seamless “turn-key.”  Entry level practice opportunity!  Next DC can easily step in and grow numbers with little effort.  Perfect as primary or satellite location. 
CALABASAS, CA, PRACTICE FOR SALE:  Established practice collecting $95,986.00.  Upscale – affluent community.  Just 9 miles from Malibu Beach.  Open 3 days weekly.  Perfect “turn-key” into entry level, low overhead, highly desirable upscale West Coast practice.  Will Sacrifice for $35k!!!
SOUTH ORANGE CO, CA, PRACTICE FOR SALE:  25-year practice collecting $311,981.00.  5,231 total visits.  15 minutes from beach.  Just off the 5 Frwy for easy access.  Booming active community.  Ideal location.  Easy access – high visibility.  Beautiful – upscale community.  Patient base seeking health and fitness with expendable income.  D.C. must sell – health issues.  Perfect “turn-key” for next D.C. to step in and grow!!  100% financing O.A.C. 

PALO ALTO PRACTICE FOR SALE:  10-year practice collecting $595,961.00.  Solid-stable numbers.  525 new patients – 4,621 total visits.  Exceptionally equipped and staffed.  Number One on Yelp.  2017 “Best Of” in Palo Alto Weekly News.  Great location.  All management systems in place.  Current DC moving.  Perfect “turn-key” dream practice for next DC.  100% financing O.A.C
SOUTHERN (NEAR PALM SPRINGS) CA PRACTICE FOR SALE:  30-year successful practice collecting $332,111.00.  Well equipped and exceptionally staffed.  287 new patients.  6,431 total visits.  Growing (explosive) desirable community.  Beautiful facility.  Plenty of room to grow.  Ideal location – easy access from anywhere in the desert.  Practice has served patients for 30 years with multi-generational retention.  Current D.C. retiring.  Perfect “turn-key” opportunity into enjoyable – low stress – profitable practice.  Just Reduced!! 100% financing O.A.C.  BURBANK, CA, PRACTICE FOR SALE:    15-year practice  collecting $211,334.00.  146 new patients – 3,194 total visits.  Open 3-1/2 days weekly.  Low overhead.  Great location – easy access – high visibility.  Great mix of cash/insurance/P.I.  DC must move.  Ideal “turn-key” practice opportunity!!  Financing O.A.C.  
  NORTH ORANGE CO, CA PRACTICE FOR SALE:  22-year practice collecting $340,443.00.  5,352 total visits.  248 new patients.  Exceptionally equipped and staffed.  Beautiful location and facility.  High traffic – high visibility – easy access.  Ideal “turn-key” for next DC to step in and continue growth.  Pix available.  100% financing O.A.C. Must Move! Steep Reduction!!
SAN JOSE, CA, PRACTICE FOR SALE:  9-year practice collecting $259,463.00.  Dr take home pay before taxes $111,071.00.  219 new patients – 3,694 total visits.  Well equipped and staffed.  Ideal location.  Next to major brand anchors.  Current DC moving.  Ideal “turn-key” for next DC to step in and grow!!  Pix available.  100% financing O.A.C. 

LOS ANGELES, CA, ASSOCIATE WANTED:  Seeking Los Angeles Associate Chiropractor with opportunity for partnership in successful practice.  Competitive salary with profit sharing based on performance.  X-Ray Supervisor License required to utilize in-house Digital X-Ray.  Must be able to adjust proficiently in a high volume practice.  This means adjusting with your hands and not instruments.  Diversified or Gonstead.  Training will be provided.  Email all resumes to

LOS ANGELES (EASTSIDE) CA CHIROPRACTIC  PRACTICE FOR SALE:   Established chiropractic wellness practice collecting $68,355.00.  Low overhead.  Open 2-1/2 days weekly.  Closed Friday for extended weekends for relaxation/recreation.  Ideal “turn-key” as primary or satellite location.  

SANTA MARIA, CA, CHIROPRACTIC PRACTICE FOR SALE:   12-year practice collecting $267,770.00.  Dr take home pay before taxes $158,245.00.  212 new patients, 5,444 total visits.  Open 3-full / 2 half days.  Well equipped & staffed.  Ideal location.  High visibility – easy access.  Beautiful facility.  ChiroTouch Management Software.  Perfect “turn-key.” Reduced!! Must Move! Pix available and 100% financing on O.A.C. 

THOUSAND OAKS, CA,  PRACTICE FOR SALE:   Well established generational wellness center collecting $269,396.00.  Services include acupuncture, functional medicine, orthopedic medicine and herbal medicine.  Owner works 4 days per week with a minimum of 4 weeks’ vacation per year.  Ideal cash practice opportunity for L.Ac./DC/ DO/NA/MD.  Great as primary or satellite location. Just Reduced!!  Pix available.  100% financing O.A.C. 


PASADENA, CA CHIROPRACTIC PRACTICE FOR SALE:   Well established family cash practice collecting $74,053.00.  Low/low overhead.  Nicely equipped and furnished.  Low force and activator techniques.  Health issues – must retire.  Pix available. 

NORTHERN (SIERRA FOOTHILLS) CA CHIROPRACTIC PRACTICE FOR SALE:  Well established family practice collecting $60,032.00.  Low/low overhead.  Open 3 days weekly.  4,000 foot elevation with a little snow and “all seasons.”     The only DC in town with 16k patient draw.  Disability forcing DC to sell – next DC can step in and double/triple numbers with little effort. Will sacrifice for $39,950.00!!  Pix available.  Seller will finance O.A.C.


PETALUMA, CA, ASSOCIATE WANTED:   Here’s an opportunity to work in an established 24 year Chiropractic practice located in beautiful northern California wine country. We are looking for a skilled DC professional that must be success oriented, and passionate about serving the local community with Spinal Screenings. An X-ray license is preferred. Salary and sizable bonuses paid, based on performance with ownership possibilities. We provide a brand new, beautiful facility with a positive family environment, a proven success path. Our office collects $90K monthly. (No insurance billing) We serve a hundred patients a day. Send resume` to contact @ or call (928) 282-8434, or doctor T at (707) 364-9736. 

NORTH SAN JOSE (SUBURB) CA CHIROPRACTIC PRACTICE FOR SALE:  27-year family cash practice projected to collect $240,000.00.  Dr projected take home before taxes $180,000.00.  Exceptionally equipped and staffed.  Strong “chiro-friendly” blue collar community.  Ideal “turn-key” practice opportunity.  Pix on web!  Just reduced – Will Sacrifice for $65K  !!  

NAPA VALLEY, CA PRACTICE FOR SALE:   16-year acupuncture practice collecting $89,168.00.   1,308 total visits.  59 new patients.  Low/low overhead.  Beautiful-healthy-personable-upscale-friendly-heavenly community.  Low stress / low overhead / enjoyable practice.  Excellent schools/diverse entertainment/inspiring galleries/ abundance of water sports and outdoor activities.  Perfect “turn-key” practice opportunity.  Plenty of room for growth.  Live and practice in paradise!!  Pix on web.

MODESTO, CA, ASSOCIATE WANTED:    12 year chiropractic office looking for enthusiastic–“can do”–spirited DC willing to work towards ownership of the
practice. Base pay plus commission plus sweat equity towards ownership.  “It gets no better!”  Work and
train with current DC before soloing.  Current DC will be retiring and relocating. 
Contact Dr. James @ (209) 996-8060 or or Sam @ (928) 282-8434