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Chiropractic Practices for Sale in

In order to view more than the initial listing you will need a username and password. Please download, print, sign, and return our Confidentiality Agreement.  Once we have received your signed copy of this agreement, we will send you an email with the confidential login and password.

Once you receive a username/password, email us the name of the seller and state of location of any practice of interest to receive a 4 digit code to view the 12 page protected profile.

HUNTSVILLE, AL, PRACTICE FOR SALE: Fire Sale! TurnKey Liquidation Sale! All in storage. Dr. is having back surgery! Closed our doors and selling equipment and over 1200 files. Collections for 2019 was over $487k! Very prominent and growing area of Huntsville AL. $129k. Everything you need to open a practice immediately, find a location and open your doors. Great for new or just establishing doctor.

BIRMINGHAM, AL, ASSOCIATE WANTED: Thriving eclectic chiropractic practice in Birmingham, Alabama, looking for a full time associate doctor. The owner doctor has studied under Dr. Dick Versendaal, Dr. George Gonzalez, Dr. John
Brimhall, Dr. Michael Lebowitz, Dr. Scott Walker, Dr. Tedd Koren, and many other chiropractic masters. We utilize a holistic approach and consistently produce miraculous clinic results. Doctor has been in practice in Birmingham for 22 years.
Associate should be caring, high energy, eager to learn, a team player, and willing to work hard. If you want to be the best, you have to train with the best. This is an amazing opportunity for the right doctor. Muscle testing is a plus. Doctor will train. Please contact me at (205) 821-0498 or (205) 979-5692.

 BIRMINGHAM, AL, PRACTICE FOR SALE: 36-year generational practice collecting $450,000.00. 3,685 visits. Open 4 days weekly. Exceptionally equipped and staffed. All
management systems in place. Plenty of room to continue growth. Current DC must move closer to family. Ideal “turn-key” for motivated DC. Financing available.

FLORENCE, AL, ASSOCIATE WANTED:  Base salary of $5,000.00 per month with percentage of the profits!!  This is a well established (generational) office with procedures & protocols all in place.  You will be well on your way to a six figure income in a short time!!  Please Email basic C.V. to .

  CENTRAL ALABAMA CHIROPRACTIC  PRACTICE FOR SALE:   10-1/2 year family practice collecting $639,607.00  

Practice collecting $453,527.00.

NORTHERN ALABAMA CHIROPRACTIC  PRACTICE FOR SALE:   10 year personal injury practice collecting $304,471.00.