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Chiropractic Practices for Sale in
Northern Arizona

In order to view more than the initial listing you will need a username and password. Please download, print, sign, and return our Confidentiality Agreement.  Once we have received your signed copy of this agreement, we will send you an email with the confidential login and password.

Once you receive a username/password, email us the name of the seller and state of location of any practice of interest to receive a 4 digit code to view the 12 page protected profile.

FLAGSTAFF, AZ PRACTICE FOR SALE: 23 year successful practice collecting $392,831.00. Net cash flow [after add backs] $272,537.00. 212 new patients. Open 3.5 days weekly. This is a low overhead - low stress - enjoyable [fun] practice!! Management systems in
place ~ 'total turn-key'. Ideal location - plenty of room for continued growth. Flagstaff is a 'pristine' [growing] mountain destination community. This is an outdoors person's paradise! Current DC moving - perfect for the next DC step in and Enjoy The Good Life while 'saving for an early retirement'! Financing available OAC.

COTTONWOOD, AZ PRACTICE FOR SALE: 27-year successful practice collecting $340,719.00. Net cash flow [after add backs] $242,518.00. 747 new patients / 5,090 total visits. Exceptionally equipped and staffed. All management systems in place - total 'turn-key'. This
community has seen a 50% increase over the last 20 years, which explains why a Super Walmart & Home Depot moved in. Almost perfect weather year-round. Plethora of outdoor activities. Just 30 minutes to the majestic red rocks of Sedona [named prettiest city in America / 2004 USA Today Magazine]. Current DC retiring. Ideal for the next DC to step in and continue to grow practice. This low overhead / low stress / enjoyable practice in a slow-paced community is truly a rare find!! Financing available OAC.

WINSLOW, AZ PRACTICE FOR SALE: 42 ~ year low stress, low overhead enjoyable practice collecting $60,640.00. 104 new patients. 1,246 total visits. Winslow is a town of about 9k, situated on the high desert just a day trip from Flagstaff. Best known for the beautiful and historic La Posada Hotel on old Route 66, and "Standin' On The Corner" park, built by the community to commemorate the Eagles song, "Take It Easy". Current DC retiring. Perfect entry level practice opportunity as a primary or satellite l
ocation. "Take It Easy" and Live Well in this charming community! Will sacrifice for $20k!

 FLAGSTAFF, AZ PRACTICE FOR SALE: 11 ~ year  successful Naturopathic Medical Practice collecting $168,543.00. Open 3.5 days weekly. Naturopathic services include Primary care visits, Acupuncture, Lifestyle counseling, Nutrition, Herbal supplements, Bowen therapy/Naturopathic physical medicine & Homeopathy. Voted 'Best of Flagstaff Wellness Centre' last year in the Flagstaff Business News. Perfect location - high growth community - outdoorsmans paradise! Total 'turn-key' for the next NMD or 'DC' looking to build a  successful Multidisciplinary [Integrated] Medical Practice!! Current owner must sell to tend to family - will Sacrifice For $57,000.00 [valued @ $109,820.00].

PRESCOTT, AZ, PRACTICE FOR SALE: Well established acupuncture and oriental medicine practice collecting $121,473.00. Open 3-1/2 days weekly. Practice located in "upscale" community. Cash practice. "Voted Best" acupuncture last six years!! Total "turn-key" practice with website and social media in place. Strong referral base with mainstream providers.  Pix available. Great weather year around. Prescott rated among "10 best" cities for upscale retirees.
SEDONA, AZ, PRACTICE FOR SALE:  11-year chiropractic-wellness (strong cash) family practice collecting $239,992.00.​ 

COTTONWOOD, AZ, PRACTICE FOR SALE:   20-year family practice collecting $266,925.00.
PRESCOTT, AZ PRACTICE FOR SALE:  1-1/2 year beautiful family practice collected $50k in 2006.

PRESCOTT VALLEY, AZ PRACTICE FOR SALE:  10 year well established family practice collecting $152,746.00.

FLAGSTAFF, AZ PRACTICE FOR SALE:  6 year family practice collecting $460,178.00.  

NORTHERN, AZ PRACTICE FOR SALE: 11 year family practice collecting $214,639.00.

NORTHERN AZ PRACTICE FOR SALE: 4 ½ year old family practice near Prescott Valley collecting $199,710.00.

ARIZONA PRACTICE FOR SALE :  5 year old Northern Arizona family practice on schedule to collect $294,015.00.     

PRESCOTT (PROPER), AZ, PRACTICE FOR SALE 31 year legendary family practice collecting $83,878.00.
BEAUTIFUL SEDONA, AZ, PRACTICE FOR SALE Established family practice.

COTTONWOOD, AZ, PRACTICE FOR SALE:   5 year chiropractic/nutritional family practice collecting $321,000.00. 


NORTHEAST CENTRAL ARIZONA PRACTICE FOR SALE:  6 year strong family practice collecting $196,850.00.

PAGE, AZ PRACTICE FOR SALE:  9 year practice collecting $206,191.00.  

FLAGSTAFF, AZ PRACTICE FOR SALE: 18 year old family “community legacy” clinic collecting $176,907.00.

SUNNY PRESCOTT, AZ PRACTICE FOR SALE: Well established family clinic collecting $172,996.00.